Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions
Fees and charges:
1.1   The price may not necessarily be quoted at the time of the booking, it is a customer’s responsibility to make sure they find out and ask at the time of booking how much the journey will cost.
1.2   No charge will be payable if the job is cancelled before dispatch to the driver, and for ‘as soon as possible’ job no fee will be charged if cancelled within 5mins of booking.
1.3   Failure to inform of cancellation in time may result in a cancellation or a call out fee to make up to the driver for his lost time and fuel
1.4   Cancellations on arrival may result in a call out fee for the driver
1.5   In relation to Airport Pick-ups all passengers will be allowed 60 mins after touch down free of charge, anything after that will be charged at £15 per hour (eg. £2.50 per 10mins), we will monitor relevant flight and amend landing time
1.6   Additional charges may be applied if the customer or any passenger wants to add any additional pick- ups or drop-offs to the journey
1.7   In the instance where the passenger require a larger vehicle due to extra luggage( eg. Estate vehicle) or extra passenger (s) (eg. MPV) then charges may be levied for the larger vehicle
1.8   During the Christmas period there will be a surcharge price on all journeys, including Fixed fares to airports, which will be communicated to the customer at the time of the booking
1.9   It is the customers responsibility to inform us of what type of vehicle they require at the time of the booking and for which purpose
1.10 All airport pickups are subject to car park charges in addition to the original far quoted.

Passenger Service:
2.1  it is the responsibility of the customer to inform us of any pet being carried in the car and whether they are in their suitable cage box.
2.2 It is not permissible to smoke in any Passenger vehicles at any time ( including the use of e-cigarettes)
2.3 Passenger shall not consume any alcohol whilst in the vehicle, if so may result in driver refusing to complete the journey
2.4 Food is not to be consumed in the vehicle unless a snack which will not leave the car in an unclean state, no drinks are to be consumed in the vehicle as this may result in damage to interior of the vehicle and passenger may be liable to the costs
2.5 Customer who are sick in the car will be liable to a minimum of Valet charge which is about £65 and they may also be liable for the opportunity cost to the driver as he has lost out on potential work
2.6 Private Hire minicabs are exempt from the law pertaining to car seat for children. So you wouldn’t require a car seat in the minicabs.
2.7 Minors under the age of 11 will not be permitted to a journey alone in the Passenger Vehicle, Minors over the age of 11 may be allowed to travel alone with consent of the parents/ guardians
2.8 AAAMinicabs (New Regency Radio Cars) reserve the right to refuse any passenger or customer who behaves inappropriately ( ie. Any physical abuse, threatening or abusive manner towards any staff may be refused and subsequently blocked from and future services
2.9 It is the responsibility of the customer to look after their own goods and ensure that they have not left anything in he vehicles before the end of a journey, and any lost property may have to be collected from the head office New Regency Cars located next to Beckenham Junction. Or a delivery charge may be applied to customer who wish to have the lost property delivered.
2.10 AAAMinicabs (New Regency Radio Cars) does not accept any responsibility in any way for missed flights or trains for whatever reason including traffic delays, breakdowns, severe weather conditions, or any unforeseen circumstances.
2.11 AAAMinicabs (New Regency Radio Cars) can only advise an approximate travel time and the passenger must leave sufficient time to arrive at all destinations. The passenger is responsible for leaving time for any unexpected delays.

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