The best fleet of vehicles for your London taxi needs

At New Regency Cars, our entire philosophy is based around providing the best travel experience.

Naturally, as a provider of transport services, our vehicles are at the heart of everything we do. This is why we invest and commit a huge part of our time in ensuring we provide the best vehicles available in the market.

This commitment is one of the key drivers if success for New Regency Cars and will continue to remain our number one priority going forward.

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From saloons to MPVs for London’s taxi needs

Our fleet management team at New Regency Cars are responsible for providing the latest vehicles that are rigorously tested against stringent company and legislative requirements to ensure the best taxi and mini cab are on the road servicing our valuable clients.

From saloons, MPV’s, executives and estates we have the best fleet of modern vehicles available to our clients.

Each vehicle is fitted with the latest GPS tracking technology to add to the experience we provide so we can track every vehicles and driver at any time.





    Perfect for small groups or individuals

    iconLarge Luggage2
    iconSmall Luggage0

    Best choice for passengers who need extra space for luggage.

    iconLarge Luggage4
    iconSmall Luggage0
  • MPV 5-6 Seater

    Travel in comfort with an MPV which is the best solution for large groups.

    iconLarge Luggage1
    iconSmall Luggage2
  • MPV 7-8 Seater

    Popular with airport trips for large groups with luggage

    iconLarge Luggage8
    iconSmall Luggage8

    Business travel in ease, comfort and style

    iconLarge Luggage2
    iconSmall Luggage2

What Makes Us Different

Customer car, driver training and continuous investment in our fleet of vehicles are the main strands of our company ethos.

Every vehicle within our fleet, whether it is an 8 seater MPV or an executive care, undergoes the highest level of servicing and testing.

Alongside our strict company requirements, each vehicle is subject to annual Transport for London inspections and regular MOT tests. We spend and commit a huge amount of resources to ensure we meet every criterion available.

Furthermore, each taxi and vehicle in the fleet undergoes a stringent cleaning and maintenance programme as part of our commitment to ensure the best vehicles are on the road.

For more information on the vehicles that are part of our fleet and the commitment we make please call 0208 650 5050.

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